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bubble bath cat:


                       ”Why are you blaming me?”

It wasn’t like he could control what his mind forgot and
didn’t forget. Well … it wasn’t like he completely forgot.
His other side knew, but he particularly didn’t know that.
He didn’t even really know he had another side.

With a huff, he reached over to something that was sitting
over to the right of him. He couldn’t really see it that well
due to his right eye being closed, so he simply picked it
     up to look at it better.

                       ”’Warning … do not get into eyes,
                        can cause irritation.' Why would
                    this be a thing if it can cause irritation?”


   ╚λάμια ╝   ❝ How should I know? You’re not suppose to get it
                       in your eyes  I guess. Looks like you have no choice. ❞ 

He’d lean over the bath tub again and continued
to rub the other’s hair clean. This guy looked old 
enough to really take a bath by himself. Why did he
feel the need to help, maybe Uta just wanted to. He’d
eventually grab a cup, filled it with the tub water and
poured it over Cheshire’s face, making sure the water
only poured down the back of his head and neck. 

Finally the little stubborn ass was getting cleaned. Sure,
he might get dirty later but that’s what showers and baths
are for. To use them regularly if he were to get bloody
and  dirty again.
                   ❝ Huh. the hell are you going to do after this? ❞ 

Uta would place his fingers under the guy’s chin and lifted it to
look at him. 

don’t puke on me:

{ღ}—Itori was knocked out. She didn’t hear him wondering around the unfinished house nor the running of the shower. She was overwhelmed with the feeling of nausea, headache, fear, but the worst was loneliness. She was so worried about the idiot, and yet she felt so powerless. Uta was the strongest ghoul around, scary strong. She couldn’t force him to do anything, especially not open up to her. She didn’t care if he was an asshole to her or anyone else, but if he couldn’t trust someone to let out his steam at lest once in awhile, she feared he would snap one day, then she’d be left alone, again. 

It was completely selfish, and she hated herself for it. Yet, the thought of being all alone in this kill or be killed world scared her more than death. Even though she put on a bitch attitude with flamboyancy, inside she still felt like a lost little girl. 


The blinding light from the new day, forces her to uncurl her body. She always slept curled up to protect herself. Instantly a pounding headache hits her as a wave of nausea comes, "Oh shit!" She picks up the bucket that was next to the bed and vomits inside it. "Shit shit shit…what the hell did I do last night?…ugh…where am I?"

   ╚λάμια ╝   Uta had fallen asleep in the guest room on the small love seat near by on the far end of the room. His feet dangled off the side of the sofa, his head rested on the thin pillow and he didn’t really look comfortable but when he slept he slept just about any where because he rarely slept as it was. 

He slept soundlessly and it was almost really difficult to tell if he was actually alive because of how shallow he was breathing when he was in a very deep sleep. He was covered head to toe in black. Black tight t shirt with baggy pants that were too long and black socks with itty bitty skulls on them. He was such an adult wasn’t he? His hair wasn’t slicked back, but instead all over the place from his shower he had taken on earlier. He had been waiting for Itori to wake up to tell her she wasn’t alone. Instead, he had fallen asleep in the same room as her so she wasn’t really alone anyway. 

warm kitty soft kitty:


                                           ” … ?”

He was entirely confused by the question.

                              “Who did what to me?
                           Do you mean the stitches?
                  I don’t remember where I got them.”

He really didn’t remember where he got them, he didn’t
remember where he got a lot of his scars and such.
Eventually, he closed his right eye and reached up.
His nails scratched at the eyelid. At first gently, but that
didn’t last for long. He was soon scratching roughly at his
eyelid. His eye felt so odd, he just … watched it to stop.
He soon felt a warm liquid run down his face from his eye,
and drip into the water. It stung a bit, but it didn’t really hurt.
It was then he let his hand rest back in the water next to him,
       his right eye still closed.

    ╚λάμια ╝   ❝ Good fucking going, genious. Not recalling
                        where you even came from. I guess that’s
                        what whoever did to you wanted to happen. ❞ 

Having this guy nude in his bath tub and him helping him
actually bath, did not at all bother him at all. Uta in fact
was helping Cheshire as much as he possible could 
because he felt as though it was kind of his responsibility
to do so.  Maybe he could kind of tell this guy has been 
through literal scientific hell when it came to experiments
and stuff.

Who knew the CCG was actually the low of a hell whole with
human’s who would do that to ghouls. For fucking what? To
get their kagune? to replicate it? Just so they could kill them
easier? How cruel, how low, how STUPID.


{{ ♔ }} ;;————— ;; 


                                       ❝ Ah, my apologies for my act.
                                    Suddenly, I feel a bit unconscious. 


        ╚λάμια ╝   ❝ Didja eat something bad? Oh well. Knock out
                            and then when you come to, talk to me. I mean
                            that in  both ways, AHA. ❞ 



      Was he going to bite him ? No, not right now, despite the desire to,
       Kanato knew better. There was this curiosity within him about wanting
       to know what the other’s blood tasted like, but, that just might have to       wait. Eyes remained calm, and Kanato soon found that he had stopped                    walking, where were they going anyway ? This was all starting to seem rather  pointless—- pointless walking, and it was beginning to irritate the vampire.
   That calm look in his eyes soon turned to something that was no longer
    relaxed, he gave Uta a displeased stare, this was rather tedious… was it not ? ?


                                 ❝     Tch
                                                 where are you taking me ? 

     ; Yes, his mood had taken a rather sharp turn, but that was something
         Uta needed to learn; Kanato could very easily go from happy to angry
         to… completely crazy. All three of those in the matter of minutes. He was
        in an environment that he wasn’t use to at all, and all this walking without
          knowing whether there was a destination was annoying. The lavender
         vampire had his fangs poke at his tongue while he waited for the other
          to respond. I suppose this is one of the areas where Kanato could be
         rather childish, he was inpatient and he greatly disliked not knowing
          things, it made him feel vulnerable almost, which is a feeling nobody liked.

              ╚λάμια ╝   ❝ Very, very impatient you are. Anyway. I’m
                                   going to show you my place. You live
                                   in a fancy mansion, right? May place
                                   is not that big, but it’s big enough. It’s
                                   also not safe for some kind of child
                                   vampire to be out and about in this ward.
                                   You’ll be dead by tomorrow. Not only but
                                   you’re kind of under my watch now. ❞ 

Truth be told he couldn’t stand the thought of other ghoul’s messing with Kanato because he was a vampire. Many ghoul’s would not at all think twice on killing some kind of other monster. They thought of every other kind to be very weak and disoriented and didn’t believe that they were at all pure or needed in this world. Certain that the vampire could most likely kill off all low class ghoul’s without much of a hesitation to do so. Of course there was a lot of pointless walking, silence overtaking the time to stab at him and annoy him but he had to live and bare through it. He hated to live through awkward silences like he had been. He got closer and closer to his loft and part of the building that he owned. The crows above circling the door and he unlocked the front to let the vampire in before him. 

Everything was dark, just dark and vacant due to him now knowing what the hell to actually do with all this extra space. Because he was still trying to figure out what exactly he could do with such a space. Not that it really mattered at this point in his life due to everything that was happening currently anyway, but he’d like to think that maybe he could come up with something to do with the mask shop he always wanted or maybe piercing and body art like he was always into. Those were just side hobbies, something he couldn’t really show anyone yet. He had to made out to be this strong gang like ghoul who didn’t let his guard down. Although that was true, he also didn’t really give two shits about anyone or anything bur mainly himself. Most likely now things were also a little different because of someone stepping behind him. That someone was a simple vampire holding a teddy to his chest as if it was the most valuable thing in the world. 

His place on the second floor was much more home like. Spider webs, but he enjoyed the spiders. The red tint of the walls made it dark and warm. The black curtains that were tied back to let in light from the outside. The shelves of books, the dirty flooring that was being in the middle of being replaced with wood tiles. The mannequins sprawled out in the front and back rooms with blank white masks upon the heads. One would think this place was rather creepy but there was nothing really to make it anything else. Uta soon turned on a near by lamp on the side table glanced around. He had fresh meat in the fridge from last nights kill, but he doubted that the vampire would want that. 

❝ I do not have any blood to drink. ❞