”It’s a pleasure, Uta.
                    And, thank you, I quite like my teeth, as well..~”


╚λάμια ╝ ❝ Well that’s good. Very good. Good for you. It’s 
                   a pleasure. I like you but not that much. That
                   could change maybe someday. ❞

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give me your blood:

✂ — unfortunately, dylan still wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box when it came to picking and choosing his battles. a small snicker rose from the back of his throat as he gave a single word as an answer.




╚λάμια ╝ ❝ Ladies and gentlemen we have a FUCKING comedian. 

Uta smiled creepily toward the others direction as he stood there trying to understand why it was this guy decided to stand there in his way and facing him like he had a clue. No way, no one had a damn clue as to why they were face to face with the young wild ghoul who was in charge of a whole ward no less. 

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                      ❝   Hmm…   ❞

                   ; More and more interesting this entire encounter became; Toto was already being offered part of this stranger’s meal, how generous. What manners this one appeared to have, however, that only appeared. The Mockingbird had only met with him moments ago, and yet—- Toto felt not a single negative vibe coming from the other… Ah, well, who knows.


                      ❝   Such a tempting offer !
                        But why not enjoy your meal—
                  Full or not, that shouldn’t stop you

                   ; There was a cheerful chirp to his voice, finger tips lightly tapping together as he let out a small giggle. So fascinating, Toto just didn’t want to fully intrude, only observe. Watching the corpse being devoured was far too amusing, as fun as it would be to also partake in the meal, the Deadman would rather watch. Just who or what was this man ? He wanted to know. Passing by only to have the scent of blood catch The Mockingbird’s attention— that’s what brought him here.

                    ; A few steps were taken to the left as Toto twirled a few times, only to stop a few feet closer to the rather fascinating male. He held his hands behind his back and leaned forward to glance down at the corpse once again, eyes then trailed back up to the other, curiosity filled them.

                      ❝   I don’t suppose… you have a name ?   ❞

╚λάμια ╝The body only continued to be consumed little by little. He ripped apart the  arm like it was some kind of grape fruit on vine. Plopping the flesh into his mouth like little portions of meat at a time. While he had no desire to really share his food the stranger next to him seemed to be alright to consider someone who wouldn’t at all bug him. He liked people who didn’t seem like much a threat, people who didn’t annoy him or want to know rather or not they could have his kill and fight him for it. As there was plenty of bastard humans to kill around them why couldn’t the low life ghoul’s go get there own meal. Soon enough, he looked up toward the stranger again. Because of how he was being looked at, Uta tilt his head to the right and licked his top lip, the blood smearing across his cheek by the back of his own hand. 


         ❝ I’m Uta, it’s nice to meet you. 

The ghoul looked back down toward the corpse, it was beginning to get kind of cold because the person has been dead for longer than a few hours. He’s been feeding for awhile because of being distracted otherwise. Uta got distracted quite a lot when it came to certain things, not to mention people usually sought him out and wanted to ask question, usually they got ran out by how awfully moody the guy could be when it came to wanting his own time to himself and feed in peace. It was extremely odd how he wasn’t running the other out who was speaking to him now. Most likely because he was just about done here, but the whole scene was making him want to kill again, he enjoyed it, but he wasn’t all that hungry. He would be breaking his own rules if he went out to kill for no reason. Yet who ever said he needed a reason to kill in the first place. 

Uta looked over toward the stranger, the blood dripping down his chin as he tried to clean himself off but failing to do so. He tried really hard to be a clean eater, trying to be proper about his portions in which he consumed within his mouth. After realizing that he was failing with the blood splattered on his shirt or the amount that he had around his face, he began to give up and just eat however he wanted to. 

                     ❝ So if you’re not here to share  then why
                       ARE you here?  Just to watch? I don’t
                       mind really it’s just a little FUCKING weird. ❞

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* u *:


                   ; Eyes were fixed on the mutilated corpse, Toto crouched down as he examined the ripped and torn flesh, how the blood trailed and pooled around the stranger’s feet. What a lovely scent—- blood. And what was even better was the scent of another deadman’s blood, however, finding such h e r e.. is more than highly unlikely —- Still, the fresh scent of blood was pleasurable regardless.

                        The deadman made sure to keep a reasonable distance from the stranger, and what appeared to be his meal, last thing Toto wanted was to upset him. Tsk, tsk~ that would be a shaaame, things were less interesting if the other person is upset—- …it would ruin the Mockingbird’s curiosity


                      ❝   Aah.
                                Poor fool,
                                            probably didn’t even see it coming~

                         Eyes soon looked up, Toto getting back to his feet once again, leaving his crouched position. Yellowy hues were now set on the male before him.

                 ❝   I don’t suppose that means you wont be bothered if I…  
                                             Stay for awhile ? ?☆    ❞

╚λάμια ╝Oddly enough this wouldn’t be the first time he had strangers watch him eat. Curious though, the other appeared human but found the sight to be appealing. He liked those kind of people, as usually there was something wrong with them even if they were part of the human species. Suppose some selective human’s were more than just food but they also weren’t the only creatures to walk the earth. So he could be mistaking the other for it’s wrong kind of species. Not caring too much, Uta would go back to chewing on the flesh, around the bones, consuming the insides and keeping no desire to really fathom the idea of having the other be the next course of his meal. He didn’t mind the company, he enjoyed it. So he would gladly let it pass just this once. 

He cleaned off his face eventually, pushed his hair back and widened his red and black eyes that nearly dilated the moment he looked toward the stranger. Sometimes it was best to be caution when one was curious but this guy didn’t seem to want to put his guard up or take chances on being a second breakfast in the morning. The ghoul would clean the blood from his cheeks, around his lips, and lick the bottom around his ring, taking time to bit on it, a habit he had from day one. 


                ❝ I don’t mind, but I’m getting full. Do you want a bite? 

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